Stabilised chlorine dioxide

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28 November 2016

News Water Team

April 2015

Water Team is able to provide a new and innovative chemical product, stabilized chlorine dioxide (ClO2). Our research laboratories have been able to create a stabilized mix of chlorine dioxide in solution at a titre of 3000 mg/litre which remains stable for a whole month.

The oxidizing and disinfectant properties of chlorine dioxide, widely used as final oxidant in purification processes, are well known. With respect to the most used and economic sodium hypochlorite it has the advantage of not producing trihalomethanes by reaction with any humic acids present in water.

Chlorine dioxide has a better disinfectant action than sodium hypochlorite in neutral pH sanitary water and it is more effective against legionella bacteria. This product is also less corrosive.

It is no longer necessary to equip oneself with large and expensive plants called “chlorine dioxide reactors” to generate this product required to disinfect drinking water or process water.

The product marketed by Water Team has a very low chlorite content, an undesired by-product which is normally produced with the traditional dioxide reactor.

Safety in use, stability of titre over time, efficacy, no undesired by-products and a low initial investment cost put this product by Water Team at the forefront.

Try the new product of Water Team and ask our technicians for further information.



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