Sanitizing, Anti-Legionella products


Water is an environment favourable to the development and growth of microbes, so in food plants or in mains water distribution networks bacteria can develop and, in some cases, they can be harmful.


How to act?

Dosing chemical products which by their chemical properties sanitize the circulating water and prevent micro-biological growth.


Sanitizing, anti-legionella products

Water Team is able to provide the following chemical products:

  • Oxidising biocides (Bromine or Chlorine)
  • Non-oxidising Biocides
  • Biocides compatible with drinking water
  • Disinfectants compatible with coming into contact with foods
  • Specific anti-legionella biocides

“Stability and performance of stabilized chlorine dioxide by-products WTD806”

Brilliant result, with high stability and absence of unwanted byproducts.


Water Team has developed its formulae using the most advanced molecules for water treatment and above all exploiting the synergic actions which can be triggered by the use of 2 or more active ingredients in the same product.

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